Sunday, July 30, 2006

i shut my ears in order to listen??? ears...funny pair of ears...last sunday,i went to swimmin wit my classmates...i dunno y i agree to swim pula,im not really a hydro person...though its nice to b in a cold pool of freezing water....wen v normal person talk bout swimmin,its not really swimmin,its more lik chattin in a pool wit only ur trunk on...i dont even know which style is which,wen i swim...i juz simply hantam n combine both freestyle n the froggy one...i call it free-frog style...amazingly,i still can move forward wit tt style...COOL!!!but wats not so cool left ear got blocked after swimmin,LAME!!!

at 1st i juz thinkin its smt small,mayb after 1 nite,it ll b gone...n how wrong could i b...its almost a week now...n its still,no choice,gotta c a doc.its quite irritating,to get your ears blocked n nth u can do bout it...i went to the doc earlier in the morning,n how scary is it...1st,he take a scope kinda thing n look inside n say 'wow,ur ear waxs are terrible...' next,he take a penyepit,i think u can buy those in a tools shop,n dig dig a bit...found somethin,PULL IT OUT!!!OH MY GOD,tt thing is almost the size of half a peanut...(lucky i dont bring camera to clinics,or else...u all wont hav apetite for dinner later...)n immediately,things got so clear...for the 1st time i can hear small small noise,even my footstep got louder...i think it requires sometime to get used...but im so happy!!!i guess many ll not b able to c a hearin disabled victor runnin around sayin the "HAR???"

i kinda missed the the ear wax...its actually sorta protect me from noise tt r too loud, least i need to control the volume of my speakers now...hehe

Thursday, July 27, 2006

bad streamyx...bad!!!

hi there!!!finally...i got a broadband...2yrs of wait,its finally over...
tis is total madness...
im the perfect example of how lame msians r(am i included???)
for my case,TM actually took 2 yrs to get my streamyx up n running...
n its a long long story...

back in 2003...i was totally addicted to internet...everyday after skool i ll rush immediately in front of the comp to play Ragnarok Online(RO).boy,how bad was i tt time...i spent most of my hours there,completely forgettin everythin bout studies...n my parents can no longer take it...for my tmnet tt time,a slow turtle like dial-up,charge internet usage by hours...due to my 'loyalty' to RO at tt time,the bill ll usually come at 200++or 300++...
soon,my parents erupted,n there's no turnin back...they cancel all the house line,no internet,no NOTHING!!!

well,tt seems to save me from it...i got quite a good result for my PMR.but,i still need my daily dosage of RO,so i beg n beg n beg my parents for broadband...days after days of waitin,i finally got the nod from my parents,but not from TM...they juz giv off tis lame excuse

'v r so sorry,but ur house is not under streamyx coverage'

one day,wen streamyx is finally available for my house,n tt is almost a yr of waiting...
i still cant get it...Y???

'v r really really sorry,but all the ports r full.v r upgrading our services to serve u better'

i almost blew up!!!serve???serve who???who wanna b ur customer...but i got no choice,TM is the main provider of broadband in,fast forward to 2006,Durin NS camp,i tot they ll b streamyx at home,as i heard tt some agent called up n say its ready... but,i was sadly surprised...instead of Streamyx,v got ASTRO???all my head can think of is...

R v in the stone age or wat???TV???who watch it???not in long it take for CSI to reach here???Lost is lost somewhere in US...Desperate Housewife???no thks,im DESPERATE TEENAGE...all i want is streamyx...

anyway,fast forward a bit,june agent guy finally get my house under streamyx wit official receipt n stuffs...but,streamyx ll b streamyx (do streamyx giv u the impression of speed,NO!!!if its really fast,stream should b much cooler...),the DSL signal is terrible in my area...n it took them 2 weeks n a huge thunder storm tt took out local telecomunication to get it all straight...n here im...bloggin at home for the 1st time...

mayb u can look forward for regular posts now...

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Geez, life is...

AH!!!how should I start tis…its been awhile since I last wrote a post,n now,goin back to it is not easy.sorry,guys…been lazy lately,n busy too.

Its been quite some time since I came back from national service,a month already.time pass so fast,scarily fast.NS 2nd batch is endin on,huh???basically for those who dunno,im now on the end of mid-term holiday,did nth good,make everyone worried,caused troubles for my parents n everyone…

As in now wen Im writin tis blog,I came across a song.A song which make me think of all the memories I have in camp, n the song is Kau Ilhamku by Mambai.Its a Malay song,slow,sad n meaningful.

The Song started something lik tis,beribu bintang di langit kini menghilang,meraba aku dalam kenang…I cant figure out the words exactly.but as I hear tis song,it bring me directly back to the heart of the Block L-5,where laughter can always b heard,dewan makan where everybody rushed for the curry chicken n eatin lik v nvr c food b4,padang kawad where commands lik ‘KOMPENI CHARLIE,CHARLIE,SEDIA!!!’ can b heard n the stompin sound of our spike boots wen it hit against the ground,TL-5 where water bein splashed against each other n everyone wearin nth but an underwear laughin away at each other,the tracks which v do ‘rentas desa’ where v all run for dear life,n for me,the will in my heart to prove tt ‘IM NOT WEAK,I LL SHOW U WAT IM MADE OFF’,K-5 where v have our pembinaan karacter or in short class CB n Kenegaraan have one of the sweetest memories,tis is the only place where guys n gals can sit together n talk n laugh at each other jokes,not forgettin my dear teachers which show great dedication to teach us.thanks Cikgu Khairul,Cikgu Pade,n Cikgu Lina…

Tis song,is very memorable to me as tis is the 1st song v chose to practise for the endin ceremony,n somehow it jus stuck in me.One by one,memories of all my friends came back to me…Fai,Seng,Tanny,Steven,Tung,Eng,Helmi,Man,Usof,Pai,Fadli,Zue, Kecik,Joy,Boy,Sara n Sarath.The gals,Wan Fen,Nikola,Kyma,Fifi,E-qa n Eda, Nat,Ekin,Siow Wen n especially SuJin.everyone who I ll keep close to my heart.though time may take the feelings away v hav wen v r in camp,but our hearts ll nvr b separated.u ll all b in my heart as I too,ll b in really hurts me wen the tot of I might nvr make it back to Kem Cahaya Gemilang.Everythin,everythin…From the Tarzan which I fall into I got all wet n the 12-feet wall which everybody try so hard to get everyone across it to the fun v hav in Kenegaraan wen v all play ‘Search The Flag’ to the cow dungs v hav to dodge wen doin rentas desa n the sweetest of all…the nite sky where it’s the best at 1am wen everyone is fast asleep.the stars,there r so many up there,so much u cant count em all n the star-scope n the milky way where so many stars in a line.N,I tot I ll nvr b able to c it as in KL,u can hardly find any stars…

To all my beloved friends,lets make a promise together.No matter how far apart v r,no matter how busy v ll b,no matter how much v ll change.I pray,tt wenever u look up n c the star blinkin up there,remember tt no matter how tough things r,as long as u look up,I ll b there,there to share all ur troubles,all ur worries.

Let the stars b our memento, k???

(actually,I hav forgotten many of the camp life,n was planning to write tis post on other things…but suddenly,I found tis song,Kau Ilhamku(U’re my inspiration) n it turned out remindin me bout camp.then only I realize,friendship is not wat adults think lik.friendship is not a fleetin dream,but it is a reality,friendship is for an all my friends all there,v r all growin up now,soon v ll b in our 20s,our teenage life ll b over n v ll b even closer to adulthood,where v ll b all serious n stuffs.but,please…don’t forget u hav a childhood,don’t forget tt friends r there really jus for u.Nvr lose the child v hav in our heart,k???)


Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Big announcement!!!!!! I am coming back on 12th of May .... Happy ?Well i am quite sad to leave though for it is really fun in NS yet something there really make me decided to come back . Seriously i miss both side (NS and KL) but i have decided to leave the camp early for the sake of my study and of course for someone .I will enjoy my rest of my NS life and when i come back i will post some of my experience here ......Hopefully with photos.......Until then take care !Miss ya !

p/s:: It is not Victor who really type it but i am just type on behalf of his words......

Friday, April 21, 2006

Erm ..*ahem* ..well i am not Victor ...For he is currently in National Service....And yea ...i dun think there is a need to introduce myself for i am jz helping in maintaining this blog for the time when he is away for NS ....For your infomation , he like the camp very much and he is kinda dun wanna come back but on the other hand , he miss kl ....erm ...arent he weird ??Miss both place at the same time .....So yea we all know ..he need to choose one from that two ....Hahhaa the world is cruel....Anyway a bad news though ....He lost RM150 in the camp ..jz today .....sounds bad rite ?hmm...but this is where we call a camp ....all sort of things happen . Indeed , I just pray that he will be safe and sound there .Amen ??

haha i think i did talk to much here and i need to remind myself tt i am not the webmaster of this blog ..>.<>

p/s:To webmaster .... I made ur blog until like kena virus already need u to repair when u are back ....hehehhe ciaozzz.......Enjoy ur NS

Thursday, March 09, 2006

7 comments on my driving...

From the day I start the engine n drove it away without my parents knowin, I received various comments from various people on my various driving style…

So,sit back n hav a laugh,its quite funny.

1. Don’t keep holding on to the gear stick,its not lik it ll drop off ~~ my dad ~~ on my habit of holdin the gear stick wit one hand n the steerin on the other hand.

2. Don’t drive so fast!!!its not lik u know the car enuf to b takin corners tis sharp,I got no money to repair the car. ~~ my dad ~~ on my reckless speed takin a sharp corner b4 enterin KL central.

3. U got c the mirrors or not???the mirrors r not there for décor…use them b4 enterin other people lanes ~~ my dad ~~ on my reckless drivin at 5a.m in the morning headin to KL central.

4. Drive however fast u lik~lah.Crashed dy then don’t come cryin to me,I don’t k,its not my car ~~ leow boon xuan ~~ on my drivin speed while headin to damansara to yam cha.

5. OI!!!drive nicely~lah…don’t b lik my sister.tis is the place where she almost wrecked my mother’s car ~~ Vanessa ~~ on my k’less handlin of the car on a sloopy T-junction.

6. ok~lah…not bad for a driver who drive for the 2nd time n fetch me out to celebrate my b’ least I know now tt I am not dyin on my b’day ~~ Lynnette ~~ on me drivin her out to metro prima for tea without a licence.

7. OI!!! U makan cuka ar???R U ok??? ~~ Vanessa ~~ after I brake suddenly (lucky she’s wearin the seatbelt) wen an unknown guy suddenly call her up n talk non-sense…

Well,thinking back…I know I drive emotionally n lik to speed recklessly.seriously,my speed increase drastically wen I’m drivin a manual-gear car as the feelin of gear-shiftin is so good tt I always speed to shift up the gear.N, well…I drive much more insanely wen I am too quiet as I ll b too concentrated on the,mayb next time,u passengers better make some noise to slow me down.

Mayb I ll write a passenger manual guide later on my blog
But,for now…WHERE’S MY KEY???

Monday, March 06, 2006

A beautiful Day I ll cherish

how should I start writin tis wonderful day down???

Well,it start wit a surprise sms from esther sayin she’s in metro prima to get smt for her holiday n would lik to hav a chat wit,its not lik u get to chat wit her wenever u lik as she stay miles n miles away from here.all I could think of is tt I ll hav a jolly good time there as I am sure tt I ll spend hours chattin away,but God always hav plenty of suprises up his sleeves.haha,aint He is wondarfel???

Fast forward to 12pm…v r both in metro prima n I found her in front of Winter Time,which make me think is Esther goin to some really cold country at tis moment???rite b4 spm result goin2b released???well,its jus Cameron highland.hopefully,I can get some juicy strawberries from her.Do I sound greedy???hehe…did I tell u tt Chee Sum,Esther’s bro still looks the same although 2yrs passed by???he should gambate a bit,seriously.

So,lik usual…its starbucks again.yeah yeah,I love tt place a lot,the décor…the coffee too!!!by mere coincidence,both of us ask for mocha.i guess starbucks should make more coffee variation.sittin there n talk from A all the way to Z n from Z all the way back to Z.halfway in between M or N (u know,A~Z???) lik tt,I feel my body getting hotter n hotter until its lik burnin hot.then only I realise tt starbucks in metro got tis prob by facin the entrance of the building which actually allow plenty of sun light enter.i got so hot tt I cant help leave tt place,or else Esther can hav me for dinner(mayb I do taste good…dunno).after walkin inside the building,I sure feel much better.

While walkin around the mall,v pass by Soda n Esther said she would lik to show me a dress she bought for a weddin dinner she attended.n here comes Surprise no.2… who would hav think tt Chia Xia is workin there.Chia Xia n I r totally stunned wen v met each other,she even more so wen she saw me walkin in wit Esther.yeah,u would hav guessed it.its those ‘har,since wen u r together???’ ‘how come u r here???’ kind of my,v ll nvr get bored of tt,huh???wen v browse around lookin for Esther’s dress,v found some evening dress which looks more lik sleepin gown to me.n poor Chia Xia,cause of her not-so-high but not-so-short height,most dress would look funny on her,either too long or short.pity her…

V talk n talk n talk n b4 v know it,its 4pm dy.N I gotto do the ‘meet-the-parents’ part.Y me???Im not her BF le…so,v sit down for lunch (at 4pm???)n chat wit her parents a little n her bro.haha,n so,its farewell for tt day.its so nice chattin wit a long-lost friend,its nice to know tt I found a long ‘lost’ friend.


On tis very day too,I oso promised Vanessa a dinner (hey,im not two-timin,mind u!!!).while thinking hard wat would b the perfect dinner,Boon Xuan called up n said tt he would lik to go to 1-U wit us for a movie,Underworld Evo or smt,I cant recall.He’s a totally weird guy,TOTALLY weird…(I might make a post bout how weird he can b) Knowin Van scare of horror flicks,he still insist on it.n well,bein a me(I don’t really turn a friend’s request down),I forget bout the dinner n think of how to persuade Van to watch it.n somehow,Van agree to watch Final Destination3(aint tt horror flick???)

Oh well,wit my mind fix on the movie n letting dinner go,I call Boon Xuan to fix a time to move,I call his house n wait n wait…finally his mum pick up sayin Xuan is not at home,im even smacked for callin twice in 20mins for disturbin her class(Y cant he get a handphone???GRRRRR…)wen I managed to find him,he gav me a lousy excuse of he gotta celebrate his bro’s birthday(since wen he k???Idiot…)n ask me to hav fun wit Van…Hav fun???How???he jus FFK me!!!

Aihhhhh…wit everythin messed up,I called Van n ask her jus to lepak in 1-U instead.(I really cant think of anything for dinner,im a pretty big failure for a guy,y is a perfect dinner so hard to think up???)

N the fun part start around here.

i went back home to do smt n head off to Van’s house in SD.N,u guessed it,I AM LATE!!!(no thanks to Mr. Sammi Vellu n MRR2)
Halfway in the jam,I decided to call Van up n tell her I ll b late(thinking she might forgiv me),but how wrong was i…she replied off coolly wit ok.N my heart sank immediately…I did all the stupidiest thing u can do wen u ask a gal out,bein late…my mood drops instantly in the jam,blamin myself.seriously,I tot of givin up the plan(hey,how r u goin to lepak wen both keep quiet???)somehow,I cant turn back oso(yea yea,its Mr.Sammi again).might as well as go on,I think inside of me.the journey there feel lik eternity,even though the Waja was runnin at 100kph,I feel the engine is not pushin enuf n the pedal feel heavy too.Everythin is HEAVY at tt point.

Turn left,go straight,turn right,go straight n right n an immediate left,pass the guard house,wave at him.N it’s the final straight b4 turnin left.OK,im in front of her house.

HONK HONK!!!n I waited…n waited…n waited…OMG,she’s not comin out,I think,she muz b mad at me…Oh my…n then there she appear,wore her shoe,close the door,check her pockets a bit.N all in my mind is,O God,please help…I don’t need some annual fight now.B4 I can think again,there she is,in my car,rite beside me…I cant help but look into her eyes(it’s a very pretty pair of eye) n apologise.For wat???she asked.n I said ‘im late n u aint too happy wit it.’N she immediately burst into laughter.i was stunned but cant help follow her n laugh.i explain everythin bout the heaviness n everythin happened on the phone conversation.she cant help but laugh louder.i was so relieve at tt sec tt all I could do is laughin…I even left the car on the middle of the road!!!my heart jus feel lik its finally set free after decades under mount Everest…even the car respond better to the pedal now!!!its jus totally miraculous…

N there’s more still…Much much more happened on the way there,in 1-U n on the way back.i dare say,I nvr talk so much n LAUGH in a single day.If there is a quota system on much I can talk,I guess I successfully finished it in no time n the sweet bonus is…knowin tt there is still love in tis cold cold world.

If u r interested in the ridiculous things tt happened in 1-U between me n Van,well,quite sorry bout it.i think mayb its better to keep tt memories between me n her, even if I told u wat happened,u guys wont get the joke anyway.there r things tt only the two people involved ll understand.

crazy enuf to play takin pics in the parkin lot...

anyway,jus to inform those who gettin my SPM result on 13th March n ll b departin to NS in cherating on the in the camp ll b very interestin,so u guys can expect more postings from me if i managed to lay my finger on a keyboard somewhere n wit internet a sweet beach on the east corst,so...i might even get my tan wen i get back.